Operating Instructions and Warranty Information

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Operating Instructions


Press the button located on the front of the device five times to power the GGO on/off.


For 15 seconds of continuous firing activate Session Mode by clicking the power button twice while the device is powered on. To end Session Mode, press the power button once.


With the device powered on, press the power button three times fast to adjust the voltage of your GGO battery.


Plug in the charging cable to the port located on the side of your GGO battery. The charging indicator light will turn off when the device is fully charged.

Warranty Information

All GANESHTECH batteries are covered under our 30-day manufacturer guarantee. As with all manufacturer warranties, this coverage is meant to protect you from any manufacturer defects that impact the functionality of your product. This does not cover any damage caused by user error or accidents. This also does not cover loss or theft of your device.

GaneshCare is our signature coverage extended to registered product holders that grants them 3 covered product replacements per year for three years from the registration date of their product.


Products must be registered within 14 days of your original purchase to be eligible for coverage. Products purchased from our website do not require registration.


To register your product for GaneshCare, you will need to complete the online registration form as well as upload a photo of your receipt.

GaneshCare Product Registration Form

Warranty Replacement Process

To request a covered replacement please complete the GaneshCare Product Replacement form.

GaneshCare Product Replacement Request


$10 +Shipping