Silver Lamp Replacement Coils

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Silver Lamp Replacement Coils

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$45.00 $39.99

Silver Lamp: Dual quartz rods, wrapped in titanium alloy wire, and set in a deep quartz bucket.

Silver Lamp XL: Triple quartz rods, wrapped in titanium alloy wire and set in a spacious quartz bucket.

Our coils feature Dual Quartz Rods wrapped in Titanium wiring. This ensures you are getting the best flavor and optimal heating temps. Our coils come in a pack of 5. These coils can be used in  GLOBES or any STANDARD Wax/Oil atomizer.

Product Includes:

5x Dual Quartz Coils

Weight 1.9 oz


Fits my globe too! Good deal.

Coils lasts about a month… so this is a great deal!

Came QUICK! THX guyz.

cAn’t beat Ganesh… great prices fast shipping. good service. I’m pleased.

Wish they came individually… but I guess after shipping it makes sense. Love the product so I spend the cash…

Fits my GLOBE and my ORB… LOVE IT!

DEALZ! $10 a piece at my local store… good lookin

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Pack of 5 Dual Quartz Replacement Coils