The Kodiak


The KODIAK is portable dabbing redefined. The KODIAK has an easy to use ergonomic mechanical design and straight forward interface coupled with four intelligent heating temperatures and heats up in seconds. The pulls are so smooth, flavorful, and full – it is like sipping up heaven. We hit it out of the park with this one!


Reach Your Peak with the Best Compact E-Rig
•2600mAh Battery
•4 Temperature Settings from 450° F to 600° F
•Session Mode: Increase Heat and duration by 15 seconds
•Lightning Warmup & LED Light Indicator
•Micro USB Rechargeable

Take the best from the Puffco Peak, Kandy pens Oura, Dr. Dabber Switch, and put them into a compact, affordable package and you would get this, The Kodiak Concentrate Device! The Kodiak is a portable concentrate e-rig vape capable of heating up to 600° F in under 30 seconds, allowing you to enjoy your essential oils and concentrates without the hassle of breaking out your glass rig and blowtorch. Simply choose from 4 temperature settings, heat it up, and enjoy!
The Kodiak is run by a smart onboard chip, allowing it to accurately reach and maintain temperatures and overall system settings throughout uses. Just like the Puffco Peak, The Kodiak uses a ceramic bowl with a ceramic bucket for efficient heating and large clouds. If you're into cloud chasing and love producing huge vapor clouds, The Kodiak has got you covered!

The Kodiak Includes:
1 x Kodiak Base
1 x Glass Attachment
1 x Atomizer
1 x Carb Cap
1 x Atomizer Cover
3 x Ceramic Bowls
3 x Cotton Swabs
2 x Alcohol Pads
1 x Loading Tool
1 x USB Cable
1 x Wax Container
1 x User Manual



Baby Blue, Black


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